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Create to Earn.

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What if you could earn money from your content?

Create to Earn

NFTs Social Network

NEFTME is a “Create to Earn” NFTs social network app, where its users can monetize by creating content in NFT format, whether in photo, video or sound.

This NFTs social network allows its users to buy, sell and above all invest in each others content, making them earn $NEFT tokens, that can be swapped for money!

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Build your value

with your followers

Be owner of your life and share your content to the community. With NEFTME you can monetise what you create and build a unique connection with your followers.

A new (and fun) way to communicate.

NEFTME Challenges is a feature that allows users to challenge themselves in exchange for tokens, which can be swapped for money.

Everyone will eventually become a creator!


Art & Photography

Lifestyle & Traveling


Metaverse & Gaming



We are a like-minded team of driven, creative, and talented people. We are focused on creating impact through music, culture and space by creating things people genuinely care about, want to experience, and share.
We´ve started this company because we want to make the first social network that really aggregate value to the community!

Our Roadmap

Alpha 4 (Live now)

  • Static Content
  • Smart Contract & dApp fixes
  • Staking Process (Reward – Creators & Investors)
  • Crop/Zoom Image/Photo
  • NFT Comments
  • Perks
  • Share NFTs
  • Share Profile

Alpha 5 (Q2 2022 - Nov 2022)

  • Direct Messaging
  • NFT as a Audio
  • Abuse Content analysis and call to action

Beta (Q1 2023 - March 2023)

  • NFT as a Video
  • Invite Code system to control amount of new users
  • Reward system/Referral system by user action
  • Internal wallet
  • On Ramp
  • “NEFTME Challenges”

NEFTME 1.0 (Q2 2023 - June 2023)

  • Off Ramp
  • KYC Verification
  • $NEFT Token Launch

Together we are stronger

The Crew


João Domingos


Valter Silva

CMO & Strategic

Andreas Vilela



Marco Barbosa (Impact Market)

Alex Rodriguez (AriSwap)

Nico Bandeira (Ace of Clubs)

Afonso Barbosa (CNN)

Hernâni Gouveia (Founder, World Generation)

Francisco J. Lopes (LINK)

Nuno Luz (Cuatrecasas)

Nuno Mena (SportsAlliance)

Jerson Farofa (FARM – House of Criativity)

Eduardo Freire (FWK)


What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that is verifiable on blockchain technology. Assets include artwork, music, lifestyle content, picture, video, in-game assets such as unique avatars, etc. Because they are unique, NFTs are becoming sought after as collectibles.

What is a Wallet?

Wallets (aka Crypto Wallets) store your private keys, keeping your Crypto (money, token assets, NFTs) safe and accessible. They also allow you to send, receive, and spend cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Celo, or even tokens including our future native $NEFT token.

What is a Token?

In the simple way: tokens are digital assets. They operate off the back of a pre-existing blockchain (even with multiple blockchain networks integrations), rather than being an innate, integral part of one, as most cryptocurrencies currently are.

They can be used in many ways – like if you want access to a product or service (via utility tokens), if you want to buy, sell or stake digital artworks (non-fungible tokens).

Can I make money with my NFTs?

Of course! Our goal is allowing all users to earn money with the micro-economy designed by NEFTME.

There are 5 ways to earn money through NEFTME:

  • Investing (creator side): If a user stakes your NFT, you can claim $NEFT rewards over time. The more users/$NEFTs staked on your NFTs, the more rewards you will earn over time.
  • Investing (supporter side): If a creator sells an NFT, users who have staked in the creator’s NFT will earn a % of rewards from that sale. Supporters who staked the initial creator’s NFT will continue to be stakers of the new NFT owner. That is, each time the NFT is resold, the stakers will always earn rewards for each transaction.
  • Buy & Sell NFT: through the normal purchase and sale of an NFT (the seller will earn the % of value that he initially set at the time of the NFT mint).
  • $NEFT token price rise over time, and you can even sell some $NEFT tokens on the open market later.
  • NEFTME Challenges: Users can challenge each other in exchange for $NEFT tokens. Once the challenge is validated, the user who completed the challenge earns $NEFT tokens in the wallet. Brands can also challenge users. NEFTME itself can challenge its users. It’s simple and easy!

Revolution starts now.

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